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Science Access welcomes you to attend the International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism during November 11-13, 2019, Singapore with the theme “Diagnosis and Prevention of Diabetes & Its Complications”.

We cordially invite all the participants who are interested in sharing their knowledge and research in the arena of Diabetes and Metabolism.

Diabetes 2019 anticipates more than 150 participants around the globe with thought provoking Keynote lectures, Oral and Poster presentations. This is an exceptional opportunity for the delegates from Universities and Institutes to interact with the world-class Endocrinologists, family physician, internists, podiatrist, Nutritional Scientists, Professors, Healthcare clinicians, Researchers.

The Intending participants can confirm their participation by registering for the conference along with your colleagues.


Market Analysis:

The global diabetes treatment of market analysis is undergoing compelling transition driven by the advent of new analytical technologies and developments in the diabetes and metabolism treatment. There has been a drastic increase in the incidents of diabetes worldwide, owing to the rising level of sedentary lifestyles and obesity in global population. The sub markets such the human insulin and analogues are expected to maintain dominance in the overall diabetes treatment market. The diabetes treatment products include injectable diabetes drugs, oral drugs, insulin therapies, insulin pumps, insulin injection devices and blood glucose monitoring systems. In addition, consequential number of emerging diabetes drugs is under the clinical observation by the large pharmaceutical companies which are expected to enter the market within the forecast span. In blood glucose treatment, drugs such as Januvia and byetta, have exhibited efficacy profiles and good safety. In order to manage the critical insulin therapy virtually less painful, accurate, easy to use, and improved blood glucose monitoring systems are available in the market. Increase in incidence of type one and type two diabetes, is expected to fuel the diabetes treatment market. In addition, development of type one and type two diabetes treatments are expected to remain profitable for the pharmaceutical companies in long or short term. An incentive for less affluent patients especially in the developing regions, price reductions and stimulate innovation are a few factors favoring the market growth. Furthermore, the diabetic and Metabolism treatment market has a very well-built R&D pipeline. Owing to the multifactorial aspects of diabetes, drug manufacturers developing medication for related problems such as kidney disease, strokes, heart disease and obesity, are evaluating medicines in clinical trials for treating diabetes. With expanded use of anti-diabetics, manufacturers can offer opportunities to tackle multiple disorders of metabolic disorders, benefitting the healthcare providers and the patients. In addition, medication that target long term weight reduction and other related conditions are in high demand, owing to the cases of type two diabetes. There are seven diabetes treatment submarkets namely, thiazolidinedione’s, sulphonylureas, meglitinides, DPP-4 inhibitors, biguanides, alpha-glycosidase inhibitors and human insulin’s and analogues. In addition, the diabetic treatment industry is encouraging combinational drug treatments as the monotherapy may lose its existence in the forecast period. Therefore, through the technological and commercial progress, the diabetic and endocrinology treatment market retains potential for increasing the market growth as well.

Major industry participants include Teva Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd., Merck & Company Inc., Medtronic Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Home Diagnostics Inc., Bayer Healthcare AG, Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Abbott Laboratories.



American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

American Diabetes Association

Centers for Disease Control: Division of Diabetes Translation

Diabetes Advocacy Alliance

Diabetes Hands Foundation

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International

National Kidney Foundation

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

International Diabetes Federation

Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS)